Safe Ship – the 21st Century Mom and Pop Franchise Concept

In-View-with-Larry-KingThe Safe Ship® Mom and Pop Franchise Concept was just featured on the Fox Business Network show “In View” with Larry King.  The Safe Ship® Franchise Concept combines the old-fashioned training process of mentoring with a 21st-century vision to the pack and ship industry.    Click here to watch the report

In the past, businesses were started by mom and pop entrepreneurs. As the American farm based agrarian society changed, entrepreneur parents recognized a need that they could fill and created a business model to fill that need. As their businesses grew, mom and pop would bring their kids into their business.

They would mentor their children, teaching them the proper way to run their business and then pass the businesses on to their children when they grew old. This mentoring concept is the precursor to what we now call franchising. 

I know what you’re thinking, that’s the old-fashioned way. But what happens when you take the quality and business philosophy of a mom and pop franchise concept and add a leadership vision geared to the 21st century?  They call it success. It is the best of both worlds combined for your success.  

In the beginning, the training that mom and pop gave their children was a daily long-term training. Most franchise companies are only able to give limited training, for about a week, before putting their new franchisee into his own business.

A Mom and Pop franchise, such as Safe Ship, gives extended startup training and new store on-site training to their franchisees. Safe Ship also provides daily mentoring to help the franchisee complete and perfect his training over an extended period of time. Just like mom ‘n pop, the Safe Ship® support team family is there daily to answer additional questions, share new business ideas and mentor the franchisees. And we are there every day.




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